Jamrock Corals is owned and operated by Brian Dushanko.  Brian is a Pennsylvania native that relocated to Myrtle Beach South Carolina in 2007 with his wife Anne Dushanko.  With over 20 years of experience as an aquarium enthusiast he decided to take it to the next level.  Working for 8 years in retail sales, aquarium sales, maintenance, construction and installation of custom aquariums ranging in size from 16 gallons to well over 1000 gallons.  The passion for aquariums and its inhabitants began from a very young age when his father had numerous aquariums and it quickly became an obsession that has grown over the years.  Coupled with aquariums; Brian is also an avid SCUBA diver and lover of the water.  Diving on the reefs was the catalyst of how Jamrock Corals came to be.  One of Brian's favorite dive sites is Jamaica, having performed more than 50 dives in these waters over the past 11 years.  Initially the diving was an amazing experience, the schools of fish, large colorful vibrant colorful reefs that teemed with life.  While diving on recent trips a change was noted, the reefs that once dominated the area began to disappear.  On one dive trip the Dive Master made a point to show Brian the reefs that had been severely damaged.  The site of this chilled, shocked and troubled Brian.  While sitting on the beach in Jamaica with his wife Anne he had the idea.  I can't fix reefs in another country but I can aquaculture corals in captivity.  The methodology is sound, offer corals to the market that are grown in captivity.  This limits the foot print of the hobby he loves and ensures a stable, healthy, colorful and durable coral for fellow reefers.  Having already proven success in his own systems growing corals the decision was made to go full scale.  Over the next several months Brian was busy with building systems, finding suppliers, sourcing corals and learning the business world, but one thing stood in the way.  What should he name it?  During one evening of brainstorming his wife Anne said, " Jamaica is the place you saw reefs bleaching, we love the country of Jamaica, we got engaged in Jamaica,  the people, the culture, the laid back life style and the ocean.  Why not Jamrock Corals?"  Well the name stuck, Jamrock Corals LLC was officially established.  Jamrock Corals is more than just a catchy name, it represents its owners, their history, the business style and commitment to its customers.  Jamrock Corals LLC strives to provide responsibly sourced, aquacultured, high quality, reasonably priced corals along with top notch customer service.  Jamrock Corals offers corals for every budget, system and collector.  Every coral is quarantined, treated as necessary and held in their systems for several months to years before ever being offered for sale.  Every single piece regardless of price receives the same exact attention.  Jamrock Corals sets the bar high with customer service, if you have a problem, question or need any information on any coral or product on our site we will respond as promptly as possible.  Upon request the exact date the coral was received, fragged and in some cases its lineage can be provided.  Every coral has a complete record, from the date it was ordered or purchased up until it is sold to the consumer.  Jamrock Corals LLC is passionate about its corals, every single piece is hand picked and will never be sold unless it is 100% healthy.  Jamrock Corals LLC also provides installation, design and upgrade sales of all major brands.  So please enjoy Jamrockcorals.com and Happy Reefing!