Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

We are located in Myrtle Beach South Carolina.  


Do you have a store I can come shop at?

Yes!!! Our retail store is open Wednesday-Saturday 12PM - 6PM  and Sunday 1PM - 5PM! Come browse over 2200 gallons of saltwater fish, corals and inverts available!!!  


Do you ship?

Yes! We ship via Fedex Priority Overnight with most packages arriving by 10:30am (depending on location).  We are an approved Fedex Live Shipper which is a specialized process that tests and certifies our packaging to meet or exceed the industry standards.


What kind of Lighting do you use?

We use just about every lighting type that is available.  We primarily run Metal Halide with 14K Phoenix Bulbs paired with Actinic LED's.  Most of the power and growth is provided by the Metal Halide and the Actinic is for the POP we all desire in our corals.  We also run Kessil LED's, T-5's and hybrids.


What are your system parameters?

We have several systems with slightly different parameters for different reasons.  But the base line we strive to achieve and maintain is as follows:

  • Temp 74-76
  • Ph 8.0-8.4
  • Nitrate Above zero- 5
  • Phosphate .02-.1
  • Alk 8-9
  • Calcium 450
  • Magnesium 1350 
  • Par soft corals-50-100, LPS-100-200, SPS 200+


How do you get those colors and growth?

Our recipe is feed heavily, stock correctly and above all else STABILITY.  The number one worst possible thing you can do is keep changing things.  If you are slightly outside the target numbers we recommend leaving it alone for awhile as many of the corals we sell can adapt to environments slightly out side of perfect.


Where do you get your corals from?

We source corals from numerous places including wholesale, other retailers, local LFS stores and hobbyists.  We do not wholesale many corals because often times you are unable to see exactly what you are getting.  Usually we are searching out a specific piece to add to our aquaculture selection.  The majority of our corals are grown in captivity by us or other companies.  


Are all of the corals on your website WYSIWYG?

YES! 100% always have been, will be and continue to be with absolutely no exceptions.  (we are very passionate about this)


How do you photograph your corals?

Every picture is taken with the appropriate filters and lenses to pickup the fine details in the corals.  Once the photo is taken we upload it for inspection. We do process photos, you have to.  Our goal is to edit the photo so it looks exactly like it does in person.  Our corals are photographed under the optimal lighting condition to showcase their colors.  Whenever a new coral upload takes place we will provide a video of all of the corals currently listed on our website via our Facebook page.  


Are the corals listed for sale all you have in your facility?

Nope! We usually post 30-40 new corals at a time.  In the background we have dozens or even hundreds of additional corals that are either in grow out, healing, quarantine or getting colored up.  If something is now gone from our page that you wanted follow us on Facebook for updates on new inventory additions.  We likely will post a new piece soon!


Do you do Facebook Auctions?

We do occasional Facebook Auctions on various different groups.  We attempt to do 2 per month if not more.   


If I can not make it to the store how can I pick out corals in person?

Check out the Events page above for upcoming events we will be attending!!! Come see Jamrock Corals in person and hand pick all the corals you want.  We also have some sweet swag and deals available only at shows.


Can I request you to come to an event near me?

Sure can! Just send an email to


Any other Questions or Comments please call us at 1-888-4JAMROC or email