IceCap Biological Filter Media

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Each 3/4in Bio-Sphere Pellet provides enough biological filtration for freshwater and marine aquariums up to 5 gallons each. 1KG box includes 145 pellets with a total filtration capacity of up to 750gal. Media bag included.

IceCap's Bio-Sphere Pellet is a dense arrangement of small ceramic spheres in a durable and compact three-quarter-inch pellet capable of providing up to 5 gallons of biological filtration each. The media's ultra-high surface area is perfect for the mass colonization of beneficial bacteria required for efficient nutrient cycling in both freshwater and marine aquariums and ponds. 

Stack in a sump, trickle filters, media filters, wet/dry filters, hang-on-back filters, or directly in the aquarium. 

Dimensions: 3/5in x 3/5in Pellet

1KG Box Contains 145 Bio-Sphere Pellets



  • Ultra-High Surface Area Media
  • Durable Ceramic Media Beads
  • Neutral pH (7-7.5)
  • 1KG treats up to 750gal


Rinse media before use. Media can be placed directly into the aquarium, reef sump, canister filter, wet/dry filter, or hang-on-back filter. The included bag helps keep media contained within the filter. For best results, seed the media with your choice of bacteria culture like Fauna Marin Bacto Blend by soaking overnight before adding it to the aquarium.


For optimal results, rinse the media with tank water and gently scrub the surface debris every 12 months. Replace media every 5 years or as needed. Add additional media to increase the biological capacity of a filter system.


IceCap Bio-Media is Available as a Pellet, Sphere, 4in, and 8in Plate.
Mix and match to create your ideal biological filter media combo.

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