REEFER ReefRun DC Pump Skimmer 900 w/Self Leveling (No Controller Included)

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Efficient. Quiet. Smart.
The REEFER DC Skimmers include self-leveling technology that prevents over-skimming and full cups from spilling while continuing to aerate the water.

The Self-leveling feature is activated whenever the wetness of the foam in the neck exceeds the user-adjusted “over-skim” threshold. The intensity of the pump is immediately reduced to prevent the over-skim and then gradually increased or decreased, a bit at a time, according to the foam wetness, until the preset pump intensity is reached and stable skimming is restored.

The REEFER DC Skimmers are exceptionally quiet due to the PSK DC Pump, rubber connectors and an air intake silencer.

Optimal waste removal.
The REEFER DC Skimmer features a combination of self-leveling tech, a PSK DC pump, proportionally sized venturi, a bubble diffusor and reaction body that optimizes air-water contact time.

Optimal air/water ratio and contact time.
The diffusion chamber evenly disperses the fine bubbles created by the PSK DC pump across the skimmer cone, without reduction air or water flow.

Sensor to pump
The REEFER DC Skimmers come with a dual-action solid-state sensor that monitors foam


59 cm / 23”

PSK DC-1200
Sicce pump

Air flow (Lph/Gph)

Water flow (Lph/Gph)

20-24 cm / 8-9”
Recommended water height

30 W
Power consumption

And use the ReefBeat Quick-actions
Create your unique Feed scenario by switching selected pumps off or run at different intensities at different times for different durations.

Select the order and timing between switching devices back on after a maintenance shutdown, such as allowing a few minutes for your return pump to restore water levels in sump and aquarium before switching on the skimmer, wave pumps and dosers.

(No Controller Included)

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